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if you are looking to use Computer Aided Prototyping in your art or design project you have come to the right place. I don’t compete with traditional CNC shops who usually prefer to work on industrial projects but try to make this technology accessible to artists, artisans and designers by providing a more flexible production workflow and allow for a fair bit of experimentation with techniques and materials. Contrary to traditional CNC shops who mostly prefer to work within well established workflows I welcome experimental art and design projects that try to push the boundaries even if they don’t have huge budgets. I am always game to boldly go where no router bit has been before and see what else can be done with these technologies.

Without knowledge and experimentation it can be quite difficult and/or expensive to achieve the desired results, especially if you’re trying to produce something that hasn’t been done before. That’s where I step in and help you make sense of the technology, guide you in preparing your artwork and 3d models for production and either produce it on my own CNC machine, with one of our partners or whichever other production shop fits the requirements.

I am particularly interested in purely artistic projects, restoration projects for museums and collectors and musical instrument design but I also welcome projects from independent product designers, students, jewellery designers, craftspeople, architects and stage or interior designers.


meet the monster

meet the monster

my vintage industrial cnc-router is a versatile little beast. From engraving to free-form 3d routing it can handle a lot of different tasks and materials. 138
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Recent Work

  • boxes
  • simple stuff
  • horn rings
  • Voronoi Neons
  • maple grooves
  • sierpinski
  • cerlin map engraving on pvc
  • circle pack black plastic
  • circle pack paper
  • fat cocobolo
  • fat cocobolo 2